Why unaccompanied viewings are on the rise

Why relocations with unaccompanied viewings are on the rise

When it comes to home-finding, it used to be pretty common for relocation packages to include the services of a local consultant who would attend property viewings with the person moving.

But in today’s rapidly moving markets with more tech-enabled movers, we’re seeing more and more demand for unaccompanied property viewings. Here’s why these viewings are on the rise, and why it’s a better option all round:

1 - More success in tough rental markets

●     More speed - In major cities worldwide, rental demand is far outstripping supply and desirable properties are being snapped up in a matter of days. Movers no longer have the luxury of waiting around to schedule time with a consultant! By attending viewings solo, they can act quickly on newly available properties and be first in line to visit.

●     More choice - Properties are so scarce in some markets, it can be hard to fill a half-day of viewings as you’re limited to what’s available right then. Movers need to be able to view as many places as possible - so the accompanied model is becoming obsolete.

2 - Movers find it more appealing

●     More flexibility - Movers can organise viewings around their own schedule, rather than having to coordinate with consultants. Viewings can be squeezed in at the last minute, at the weekend or during lunch breaks. Being first in the queue can make a big difference!

●     Better experience - In an increasingly self-serve society equipped with smart tools for completing tasks independently, a lot of movers don’t need or want hand-holding. In fact, many find driving around with a consultant a pressure-filled, uncomfortable experience.

3 - Landlords often prefer it too!

●     Better rapport - With no consultant in the way, the landlord has more chance to get to know their potential tenant - plus, they’ll prefer being able to handle any negotiations directly. For the mover, building this rapport means standing out from the crowd!

●     Better impression - Movers handling viewings independently are more likely to create a great impression (crucial when there’s so much competition!) because they’ll come across as confident and capable. And this easily translates to being a desirable tenant.

Unaccompanied doesn’t mean unsupported

Some movers might be nervous about going to viewings alone, particularly if there’s a language barrier. They might fret that they won’t ask the right questions or will miss something important.

They don’t need to be concerned about this! By using tech-based relocation solutions that offer comprehensive guidance from local experts, it’s easy to make sure movers are fully prepared for the process.

●     Viewings can be booked remotely, with directions to the property provided for the mover

●     To set the mover up for success, templates and checklists can be provided in advance:

  • Enquiry and property application templates
  • Supporting documents they’ll need to have ready
  • Questions to ask the landlord or agent
  • Important things to look out for at the viewing

●     Landlords or agents can be notified in advance of language barriers, and if it poses an issue, the consultant can be available instantly on video call to clear up any confusion!

●     After each viewing, if the mover needs advice, has more questions, or loves the place and wants to send an application, this support can all be provided virtually.

Want help with unaccompanied viewings?

To find out more about how PerchPeek prepares movers for unaccompanied viewings and ensures home-finding success in the most competitive markets, drop us a line!

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