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Relocate your employees to 100s of destinations worldwide.

From home search to settling in, PerchPeek takes care of the painful parts, so that you don't have to.

Relocation - the newest employee benefit

Attract and retain the very best talent

In an increasingly global world, employees want to experience new cultures and communities. Use PerchPeek to move them across the globe.

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COVID-19 has changed how we think about where we live

The world is more mobile than ever

PerchPeek’s personalized service takes care of everything your employees worry about when they relocate.

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Global coverage, for global workforces

Relocation experts across the world

We move people all over the world. From bustling cities to industrial towns, we’ll have you covered.

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Here is what clients love about our solution

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Employee experience

Attract top-notch employees

96% of our users rate our service as 5-star

We all know relocating is incredibly stressful; that’s why we obsess over your employees’ experience. From start to finish, we’re dedicated to delivering a knock-out service.

Location consistency

Available globally

Award-winning support, regardless of the location

Our experienced team and versatile platform can deliver our beloved employee experience across both rural and urban locations, in over 50 countries worldwide.

Support all employees

Various packages available

Our range of packages work for any employee relocation

Our team can fulfil every need your program experiences, ably supporting all of your employees; from those with executive budgets to those getting basic relocation packages.

Relocation innovation

Modernizing relo support

Providing your employees with best in class tools

Our product-first approach ensures that your employees have access to the latest tools and the best technology for their move. Upgrade your program immediately.

Helping you build a mobile workforce

Here's how we can help your mobility programme

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Organizing moves

A range of coordination tools

Providing trusted support

A range of coordination tools

Sharing knowledge

A wealth of relocation content

Saving hours of time

Taking care of manual processes

We’re completely customer-obsessed

But here’s what employees have to say about us...

Andrea A.

Global tech company

Working with

This has been my first time moving abroad and I can tell PerchPeek is a great service and provide a great support.

They supported me during house hunting, but not only that. They also provide support for other things like bank account and mobile sim. Overall great team, great support, quick responses, they always answer question also during weekends.


Global tech company

Working with

The service provided was simply outstanding. They would be very helpful in finding the best suitable places for you, would take your consideration and make adjustments as required (...) they would be more than willing and helpful to go the extra mile to help us out in finding the perfect place.

I would highly recommend and overall PerchPeek is a 10/10. Outstanding people, outstanding service, and quality.


Global tech company

Working with

PerchPeek was key in making my move easier and more bearable.

I would like to reccommend them blindly to anyone who wishes or needs to relocate, because you will get an incredible professional group who will always support you in every step of the way

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