What Does Best-in-Class Reporting Look Like in 2023?

At PerchPeek we’ve come a long way in the last year. We’ve revamped our app and streamlined our service to provide a more consistent experience, we’ve cut our escalation rate to <1% of all relocations, and were named DSP of the Year 2022!

However, we’re always working to iterate on what we deliver, and have prioritised solving pain points that can occur for People teams in relocation support, such as:

●     Waiting for days for a response to a request for data

●     Finding out too late that assignees are unhappy

●     Not being informed about important market trends and updates

We’ve launched a brand new suite of reporting tools that work hand-in-hand to give you a 360° view of your movers’ progress and the latest trend analysis.

Read on for the full scoop!

PerchPeek’s 2023 reporting features at a glance

Five ways that these features make your life easier

  1. Prevent escalations through in-app pulse checks

Our fortnightly pulse surveys mean we find out quickly if a transferee is unhappy (and flag it to you too so you’re aware). We can then jump on it and course-correct. 

That way, we nip any minor frustrations in the bud quickly, preventing escalations from occurring later. And since escalations lead to additional costs, low employee satisfaction and risk of relocation failure, they’re something we all want to avoid!

  1. Rapidly receive the full lowdown on a move

Have a question about one of your transferees? Quickly need some information that they’ve shared with us, or fully understand how a situation has played out?

Because our service is delivered via an app, we can find that information for you in minutes, detailing every single message. And when it comes to escalations, we commit to providing you with the answers you need within three hours as standard.

Click this video for a tour!

  1. Stay updated on the latest housing market price trends

Rental markets have been crazy over the past few years, with demand outstripping supply, rising prices and fierce competition. To help navigate these tricky conditions, we’ll provide you with the latest cost figures on a regular basis. Our monthly updates share data gathered directly from our app and our local experts.

Check out the latest issue of our Global Market Monthly update here!

  1. See the most up-to-date information about transferees

Want to know where your transferee is up to in their relocation journey? The PerchPeek reporting dashboard is updated in real time, meaning you can check progress and get a status update whenever suits you, rather than having to wait for an email response.

Click this video for a quick run-through!

  1. Understand current relocation trends

Your account manager will regularly share key metrics by city or country, such as:

●     Average number of property viewings assignees need to attend

●     Average length of time spent in temporary accommodation

●     Average number of properties applied for, in order to secure one

These insights will highlight the many nuances between markets, help support transferees better and help shape your global mobility policy.

So what’s the outcome of best-in-class data?

With reduced escalations, automated check-ins and exceptional visibility, a team can be confident in delivering best-in-class outcomes!

Share your feedback

Are there any other ways you think we could improve our data and reporting? We’d love to hear how we could provide you with more support! Get in touch with us here.

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