What are letting agents saying & doing?

With the announcement of tougher restrictions, in-person viewings should no longer be possible.However, most agencies - whilst working from home - remain open to field calls and commence paperwork.For anyone looking to move into a new home in the immediate future, please keep in mind that there may be some logistic difficulties - how would you move all of your belongings across, for instance?To avoid any serious mishaps, we recommend waiting till there is more certainty18th March 2020

As of now, the message is business as usual.

Business as usual

As of right now, the message from Britain's largest letting agents is that business goes on as usual.

Offices tend to be taking extra measures, however; deep cleans, extra hand-washing and social distancing are all being practiced.

Keeping yourself safe

If you are currently searching for a home, there are some precautions you can take to reduce the risk to yourself:

  • Check whether the agent has got a video or virtual walkthrough of the property. You might wish to make an offer on the property based upon the extra info you'll get. Even if you want to view it in person, it might cut down on the number of viewings you'll take
  • Ask the agent to check whether the current tenants (unless the property is vacant), will be home and whether they've exhibited any relevant symptoms
  • Bring hand sanitiser to each viewing, making sure to use it before and after the visit
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