The Latest US Immigration Trends Survey Results from PerchPeek and Envoy Global

PerchPeek partners with Envoy Global, an immigration services provider, and we're thrilled to share the key findings from their Immigration Trends Report 2023!

Focusing on the US market, this report is based on a survey of over 500 HR professionals specialising in corporate immigration and global mobility, covering:

●     Layoffs and hiring freezes, and their effects on on global mobility strategy

●     Employer sentiment on US immigration practices - current and future

●     Immigration support for employers, both internal and external

And more! Read on for the hottest findings from the report 👀

Despite layoffs, employers are still hiring from abroad

Layoffs and hiring freezes have been felt at most companies, but there's a positive outlook: some businesses have benefited by recruiting foreign nationals affected by layoffs, and employer demand for foreign talent is higher now versus a year ago.

●     78% of companies carried out a hiring freeze and 51% laid off foreign nationals

●     89% of companies have recruited foreign nationals laid off in the past six months

●     87% of employers are recruiting and hiring foreign talent right now in the US

●     71% recruited more foreign talent in Q1 2023 compared to the same period last year

Immigration rules are a blocker to hiring foreign talent

Despite a keen appetite to recruit talent from overseas, many employers struggle when it comes to securing US visas for foreign nationals. As a result, employees are being transferred or having to leave the country, and roles are being outsourced.

●     81% of companies transferred foreign employees abroad due to US visa issues

●     86% have outsourced roles intended to be US-based due to visa uncertainties

●     82% saw a foreign national employee forced to leave the US due to visa issues

●     94% would hire more foreign talent if there were fewer immigration barriers

Companies need and want more immigration support

Businesses are adjusting global mobility strategy in light of immigration process changes and a stronger focus on hiring talent from abroad. As such, they require more support, both internal and external, to meet their changing needs effectively.

●     84% of respondents need more internal support for immigration & global mobility

●     48% said they need more support from immigration service providers

●     77% use different immigration service providers for US vs. global support

●     83% of companies expect global business travel to increase in 2023 vs. last year


While layoffs and hiring freezes are widespread and ongoing, it's heartening to see these challenges aren't quelling US employers’ appetites to hire skilled talent from abroad. Indeed, demand for foreign national employees continues to rise!

Current US immigration procedures are the major blocker to boosting these talent acquisition efforts, with many employers resorting to outsourcing roles instead.

Hiring talent from abroad is super appealing for employers grappling with skills shortages! As global mobility professionals are hard at work adjusting strategies to meet changing needs, they're calling for extra support to manage this effectively.

Find out more

Want to dig into the details some more? Take a look at Envoy Global’s report in full by heading to their website!

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