The Hidden Benefits of a Great Relocation Strategy

Let’s face it - relocating can be a poor employee experience. They’re unfamiliar with the many processes involved, too busy to organise it all, and feeling overwhelmed.

A solid, structured relocation strategy can transform the assignee’s experience. Offering comprehensive support that can be flexed to their needs helps save time, reduce stress and lets them settle in well to their new destination.

However, did you know it’s not just assignees who benefit from this? There are winners across a bunch of business functions, from Finance to the CEO!

A great relocation strategy - who benefits from it, and why it makes a big difference


Managing employee relocations in a well thought-out way benefits a large number of functions across a business, not just employees!

Simply offering relocation opportunities brings advantages to many levels of an organisation:

●     It's an attractive perk which benefits talent acquisition and compensation teams

●     It brings more diversity and breadth of creative thought to the organisation

●     It helps create a positive impression of the company culture and values

But using a structured and comprehensive relocation policy is so much better!

●     Managing relocation budgets efficiently cuts costs and improves the bottom line

●     You can bring the best talent in more quickly, which helps achieve business goals

●     When relocations are managed well it improves staff satisfaction and wellbeing

Building your cost-effective relocation policy

While you might have thought a comprehensive, full supported relocation policy comes at a huge cost, it’s surprisingly easy to provide a five-star experience at a low cost and at a low effort on the employer's side.

Find out how to build your cost-efficient relocation policy here!

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