Perchy Has Landed!

Hey Perchpeekers,

Firstly, amidst these crazy and uncertain times, I hope this note finds you safe and well and you are managing OK with all that is going on around the Covid-19 virus. Fingers crossed, if we keep up the great work with social distancing the virus will begin to subside in the very near future, and we can see positive developments on the horizon.

As a hopefully optimistic distraction from the Covid-19 crisis, we wanted to provide you with a little bit of news from our end. We are delighted to announce that we have officially launched PerchPeek in Ireland. Expanding internationally is a huge milestone for us, and I want to thank all the Perchpeekers who have worked incredibly hard to make this happen - we can’t wait to start helping employees moving to Ireland find their homes using the Perchpeek App.

So why did we decide to launch in Ireland?

There were a number of key reasons why Ireland is a great fit for PerchPeek. For those eagle-eyed Perchies you may have noticed that we recently acquired Prelo, the Irish-based Relocation Startup. With Prelo’s impressive customer base in Ireland and ultimately, their intimate knowledge of the market, combined with PerchPeek technology, we have been able to fast-forward our plans to support Irish-based businesses, helping to provide a really unique and streamlined relocation experience for their employees.

When we initially looked at the Irish market we found that over the last decade, it has attracted some of the world's largest companies into the area, in particular tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google to name a handful. These companies put a huge emphasis on supporting their employees in the best possible way, especially those who are relocating for work purposes. As such, there’s a natural fit for our product to help streamline their relocation process in what is a very tricky rental market at the moment, particularly in urban locations such as Dublin, Cork and Galway.

Finally, and moreso from a technical point of view, with Ireland being an English speaking country it made tech integration much easier and a natural fit to be our first international market.

We are super excited about the expansion into the Irish market, and it is another really big milestone for us as a company, particularly in these challenging times we find ourselves in. There have been so many people from so many different Irish companies who have given their time to us, to help us understand the market dynamics a little bit further, so I would just like to thank you all and we are really looking forward to supporting Irish-based businesses post-Covid-19.

Again I just wanted to re-emphasize that I know this is a really difficult time for so many people so we hope you don't mind us sharing this news with you. The most important thing now is for you to look after yourself, and your families. I hope we all keep safe and well during this really uncertain time, and fingers crossed we get through this as relatively unscathed as possible.Take care, Paul Bennett CEO, PerchPeek

If you have any specific questions regarding the Irish expansion or how we can support your business please feel free contact us directly at or visit

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