PerchPeek Cost of Living Report Q2 2023 - Impact of Inflation on Relocating Employees

The cost of living surge is something that’s been on everyone’s minds over the last year, all over the world, and has been one of the most important topics for HR and Global Mobility. Consumer inflation has soared, putting a real strain on real people.

When it comes to relocating employees, flight costs and property rental prices have skyrocketed since 2021, and rising inflation has pushed up living costs and meant that relocation allowances are being stretched a lot more than before.

As an HR or GM Leader supporting relocating staff, it’s not only crucial to be on top of the latest trends affecting their experience - which differs by market - but also to know if and how packages should be adjusted due to the changing landscape.

So we’re bringing you PerchPeek’s Cost of Living Report for Q2, hot off the press!

What’s in the report

● Key trends and magnitudes of price changes in the last year

●     Global, country- and city-level data for our top markets

●     What these figures mean for your global mobility strategy

●     Effects on the services a relocation policy may include

●     How to help staff struggling with the cost of living

Check it out

For all data and trends covering the biggest destination markets, plus the effects on your employees and global mobility strategy, take a peek at the full report!

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