New Relocation Library Launched to Help Assignees Manage Moves More Efficiently

Since our last app feature update in March, we’ve been hard at work on the next iterations, with a focus on improving user experience and efficiency. And here they are! From our brand new content library to a customisable relocation checklist, we’re buzzing to share the latest updates to the PerchPeek app.

With every new feature, our goal is to make relocation quicker, more efficient and less stressful. This reduces HR time spent on fielding queries, prevents escalations and failed moves, and speeds up the entire process. A win-win for all parties!

Read on for the latest on our top three shiny new and updated app features!

1 - New! Relocation Library

Feedback and solution

One of the biggest challenges a relocator faces is dealing with a crazy fragmented experience of 25+ different processes, from shipping to opening a bank account!

Our new content library brings this information into one place and cuts straight to the key guidance, breaking it down into visually appealing, easy-to-digest snippets.

Assignees can find the advice they need quickly, helping them self-manage their move and cutting down on queries to HR!

Key features

●     Comprehensive information on over 25 market-specific relocation services

●     Key advice provided in bite-size, digestible chunks, in swipeable ‘story’ format

●     Choice of format between quick short-form stories and long-form articles

●      Currently available for movers to the UK, with more markets soon to follow!

2 - Relocation Planner - Updated

Feedback and solution

With so much to arrange when relocating, it’s easy to miss something important. Transferees were keen for a clear, at-a-glance view of their required actions.

Now, not only can assignees see clearly what’s done and what’s left to do for their relocation, they can now edit their to-do lists to tailor them to their individual experience.

This helps assignees take actions faster and makes a massive difference in staying organised and feeling on top of things. And this of course reduces the risk of important deadlines being missed, which can incur delays and extra costs!

What’s new?

●     Transferees see a clear list of the actions that are needed, in priority order

●     They can now edit, delete, add and move tasks according to their own needs

●     Each section features a colour-coded progress status for ease of comprehension

●     The planner is now available for Germany as well as the UK - more markets soon!

3 - Web App - Updated

Feedback and solution

Managing a relocation via mobile app is super handy, but sometimes transferees prefer to check out property listings and manage appointments on a larger screen. However, switching between devices can be a clunky experience!

Assignees can now manage their move more efficiently from whichever device they choose, in the setting that suits them most - at home, work or on the go!

This means a much smoother, seamless relocation experience thanks to full parity between apps, improving employee satisfaction and reducing risk of escalations.

What’s new?

●     The web app has full parity with the mobile app, synced in real time

●     Relocation Library and Relocation Planner are now available in the web app!

●     Assignees can now use the web app in their browser on their mobile device

●     Web app onboarding flow - users no longer have to download the mobile app first

End-to-end relocation support

At PerchPeek, we’re highly successful in helping assignees find homes in the most challenging rental markets at a far lower price than traditional or in-house support, making relocation support much more accessible to those on lighter budgets.

But that’s certainly not all we offer! With PerchPeek, assignees can be supported throughout their entire relocation on over 25 different services, such as:

🛂 Immigration support

💰 Expense management

🛏️ Temporary accommodation

With PerchPeek’s end-to-end relocation support services, assignees receive comprehensive guidance on every aspect of their move, through:

📱 Extensive app content and features

🙋 One-to-one access to dedicated Relocation Consultants

PerchPeek is the hub for getting everything relocation-related done and dusted super efficiently, making support accessible at prices as little as $5k. This frees up HR time (around half a day’s work per assignee!), improves employee experience and prevents escalations, and crucially gets your assignees moved more quickly!

Share your feedback

We’re always on a mission to improve the relocation experience by listening to our clients and assignees, hearing what’s important to them and making it happen.

Are there any other ways you think we could improve our app? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Get in touch with us here.

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