Neighbourhood Finder Tool Launched in the PerchPeek Web App

We’re feeling super chirpy because our Product and Engineering rockstars have launched more brand new feature updates in the PerchPeek app, and we’re thrilled to share them with you!

  • Neighbourhood Finder - Now in Web App! - A handy tool to help relocators identify all the areas they could live, opening up their search and speeding up the process
  • Relocation Planner - Feature Updates - New Priority Flags and Notes functions added to the to-do list tool, making for a more personalised, relevant experience

Read on for the inside scoop from our Product and Engineering experts on the app updates and how they’ll help transform the user experience and increase relocation efficiency. Let’s go!

1 - Neighbourhood Finder - Now in Web & Mobile App!

Feedback and solution

“One really common piece of feedback from relocators was frustration at how long it can take to find a home - especially if they’re totally unfamiliar with their new city. We wanted to help open up their search and discover all the options that would work for them, based on their preferred commute time and transport method. That’s how we came up with our handy Neighbourhood Finder tool!” 

  • Victoria, VP of Product, PerchPeek

What are the benefits?

“Rather than fixating on a single neighbourhood, relocating employees can discover all the areas that would work for them without compromising on commute time. Opening up the search hugely increases their chances of finding a great home much more quickly!”

Key features 

  • The employee puts in their office address (or any place they’ll need to commute to)
  • They select their preferred transport method and maximum commute time
  • They’ll see a map highlighting all the areas they could live that match their needs
  • This tool is now live in both the web and mobile app, for a seamless user experience!

2 - Relocation Planner - New Features Added!

Feedback and solution

“We’ve had excellent feedback on our planner tool - a relocation to-do list that gives relocators a clear, at-a-glance view of their required actions - but we wanted to make it more personalised, as everyone’s journey is different! We’ve now added new Priority Flag and Notes features to help employees tailor their own experience.” 

  • Charlie, Engineering Manager, PerchPeek

What are the benefits?

“With so much to arrange when relocating, it’s easy to miss something important. By adding a Priority Flag, relocators can see clearly which tasks are urgent, helping them take actions faster and making a massive difference in staying organised. And this of course reduces the risk of important deadlines being missed, which can incur delays and extra costs!

What’s more, now not only can relocators edit, delete, add and move tasks in their to-do list, they can add their own notes or see notes from their PerchPeek consultants, meaning the process is much more personalised and relevant to their individual requirements.” 

Key features

  • Relocators see a clear list of their actions, in priority order, and can check them off
  • They can edit, delete, add, move, flag and add notes to tasks based on their own needs
  • Each section features a colour-coded progress status for ease of comprehension
  • The planner is available for Germany and the UK - more markets coming soon! 

Share your feedback

We’re always on a mission to enhance the relocation experience by listening to our clients and relocators, hearing what’s important to them and making it happen.

If there are any ways you think we could improve our app, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Get in touch with us here.

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