Intive Case Study: Solving Recruitment Challenges by Relocating Global Talent for <€5k

In tight labour markets it can be really difficult to recruit talent locally, but many companies don’t consider hiring from abroad because relocation packages have traditionally been so costly.

However, thanks to tech-driven relocation solutions, it’s now possible to recruit top talent from overseas for under €5k per employee, including full relocation support!

Read on to find out how Intive, a global tech company and partner to the world’s leading brands, worked with PerchPeek to meet ambitious recruitment targets by tapping into a global talent base, all at a low cost and with next to no admin hassle!

The problem to solve

●     Tech consultancy Intive were struggling to hire local talent in the ultra-competitive Dublin market, losing out to companies offering larger packages.

●     Losing late-stage candidates meant wasted time and HR resource, with hiring delays leading to lost revenue as project start dates were pushed back.

●     Intive’s CEO issued a directive to recruit 40 new tech professionals by the end of Q4 2022, with no budget for extra HR headcount to facilitate this.

The €5k PerchPeek solution

Having struggled to hire local tech talent, Intive turned to PerchPeek to take advantage of the global talent pool and relocate top tech candidates from overseas.

The challenge was that they had a slim budget of €5k per candidate to achieve this.

Intive and PerchPeek crafted a new low-cost relocation policy including:

●     End-to-end relocation support from PerchPeek at ~€750

●     Immigration support at ~€1k

●     Temporary housing at ~€2k

●     Flights at ~€700

In total, full relocation support came in under €5k per employee

Hiring top talent quickly and at a low cost

●     Intive advertised four positions on LinkedIn - including details of their new relocation package - and received 996 applications from around the world!

●     They successfully hired all 40 positions ahead of schedule, and even had enough good candidates for another 60 “silver medal” positions as well!

●     Intive spent under €200k to relocate these 40 new hires from overseas, and payback time for this investment was just four months from project kick-off.

Hiring top talent quickly and at a low cost

“We would have massively missed hiring targets if it weren’t for PerchPeek.”

“PerchPeek makes it ridiculously easy to relocate people from overseas and within six months, we’d managed to relocate an additional 40 hires for under €5k per hire.

Not only this, but we had hundreds of high quality applicants for the roles that advertised relocation in the title and are so, so happy with the results.

We honestly thought that relocating employees would be a lot more expensive and time-consuming than it ended up being - in large part down to PerchPeek! Would recommend.”

-       Uljana Naumenko, Real Estate and Workplace Experience Manager, Intive

Full case study

For more about how PerchPeek helped Intive meet recruitment targets in a quick, efficient and cost-effective way at <€5k per employee relocation, check out our case study here!

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