International Talent Spotlight: Germany, UK & USA Doing Battle in Global Talent Market

Severe worker shortages mean employers across the world are increasingly looking abroad to fill the gaps. But immigration restrictions have a massive effect on success with this approach! While some countries are launching initiatives to boost migration, others are falling behind.

Here we’ve shone a light on three countries - the UK, Germany and the USA - to check out the talent acquisition challenges they’re facing, and crucially what they’re doing to tackle them!

Here’s a snapshot from our latest PerchPulse Market Update!


What’s clear from this snapshot is that across the world, various countries are grappling with skills shortages, but there’s a massive difference in how they’re being tackled at a national level.

In the UK and Germany, it looks like the stark warnings about the potential effects of worker shortages are getting through! Migration initiatives are being introduced to attract skilled talent, and as a result, relocation is a much more attractive proposition for workers from overseas!

In the US, however, though worker shortages are a serious issue and employers are certainly keen to hire foreign talent to fill the gaps, immigration laws are a real blocker. Without significant immigration reform to help attract migrants, it’s hard to see how this situation will be resolved!

Global Market Update - April 2023

For more details, take a look at the full PerchPulse report! Focusing on the UK, Germany, the USA, Canada and Ireland, we’ve got the scoop on the latest global mobility trends and international talent strategy, plus:

●     Current rental market costs and updates in the most popular (and challenging) cities

●     The latest cost of living news and initiatives affecting your teams

●     PerchPeek expert tips and tricks on how to support relocating employees

Read full reports: UK | Germany | USA | Canada | Ireland

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