I Don't Know!! When Is Perchpeek A Perfect Solution For Mobility Clients

Tough locations? Low budgets? Need to impress with tech? When should you try Perchpeek?


This article focuses on 5 key situations where mobility leaders can take advantage of Perchpeek's unique capabilities to tackle some of their toughest clients.

Tricky Locations

Planning a random move to a warehouse in the middle of nowhere? How about a brand new office being set up in a country you've never worked with? A major challenge for a lot of DSP services is that they work in only the capital cities, financial hubs or major countries weather majority of relocations have historically taken place.

So what can you do if an individual doesn't need to go to Singapore London San Francisco, and instead you need to service albini derby or Thessaloniki? That's where Perchpeek really comes into its own.

The Perchpeek app isn't selective - it can go and pull properties from any rental website in the world. That's why as well as Zillow or Rightmove, it can go and hunt for great rental opportunities on Spitogatos (Greece) or Beatrix.Ru (Russia). We have then connected with, vetted and inducted the best relocation experts in the region, to optimise the experience for our movers on a truly global level! This is how we help with all those tricky moves, whilst still getting exceptional reviews, and the mobility leader can enjoy a job well done.

Tiny budgets

No one wants to turn away business. Every client is an opportunity to support more people in more ways. However DSP investment often falls quite far down the pecking order in a client's allocation for their movers allowance.

The result of this is that there isn't always a provider available at the reduced budget, or it is simply deprioritised entirely by the mobility provider.

The great thing about Perchpeek is that we are able to provide exceptional service where human expertise is supported by tech-driven solutions that automate a lot of the legwork. That makes moving with us a lot cheaper than when a real person is processing all the requests and information. A typical international move can be well under £1000, which puts us easily within most DSP budgets, while our service scores and escalation rates are still exceptional.

We've helped a large number of RMC companies continue to make DSP revenue where previously that opportunity may have gone begging due to budget.

Need To Impress with Tech

Some companies simply want to know they are getting cutting edge technology, or the most technologically advanced service in the industry. A lot of destination services providers still operate in a 1-to-1 email and phonecall system, made messy with pdf-attachments and cc'd in stakeholders and missed junk-mail.

Perchpeek's self-driven home-search and planning format within our app is very well placed to catch the eye of companies looking for that high-tech option. It's not simply a traditional DSP being provided through an app instead of email - it is an AI driven swiping tool, like Tinder for house-hunting wherever in the world is needed!

It has allowed mobility leaders to excite their clients and bring new revenue streams on board, which is a win-win for both the clients' employees who receive DSP support, and the mobility provider who is able to grow their portfolio through a tech-offering.

Consistency across locations

A lot of clients plan mobility strategies for a global network of employees. And it is surprising how often we hear "We have good systems in place for USA and Western Europe, but our movers in APAC and Eastern Europe have a far more fragmented package".

Perchpeek provides a consistent, high-value package across all our destinations. By early 2021 we supported over 50 countries, and that number is rapidly growing. That means that every employee receives the same treatment, from 24/7 chat support to local recommendations from experts, and every other service they decide to choose from.

The entire organisation's relocation portfolio can all be tracked in our single dashboard! It means even the most far-reaching organisations can rest assured of quality service being provided to the whole of their staff.

Flexible Packages Needed

Does a move prefer to be contacted by email, Zoom or Whatsapp?

Do they want to be searching for lots of properties themselves, or receive lots of recommendations?

Do they plan to move next week or in 6 months?

Do they want to do 1 full day of viewings or see a few each week?

Do they need added features such as a bank account, cultural training or shipping quotes?

The great thing with Perchpeek is that we can cater to all of these - we don't have a set system, and can adapt to the needs of the individual. Therefore if there is any such scenario where the employees or company has a unique way of operating, we can cater to that, and reduce the risk of escalations due to a service that is not well suited to the user.

If you'd like to understand more about the Perchpeek service or request a demo, please go to perchpeek.com or contact info@perchpeek.com.

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