Framestore Case Study: Making 5-Star Relocations Possible for Under £5k

Many organisations believe that a fully supported relocation plan costs tens of thousands of dollars, making it out of reach for all but the most senior employees.

However, that's just not the case anymore. Thanks to tech-driven relocation solutions, even the most junior staff can receive full support, all at a low cost.

Read on to find out how Framestore, a Bafta- and Oscar-winning creative studio, worked with PerchPeek to provide end-to-end relocation support to employees at all levels, without spending any more than they were previously!

The problem to solve

●     Creative studio Framestore regularly had to move talent to hubs in London, Chicago, Montreal and Mumbai, on a budget of <£5,000 per employee

●     Employees received a small cash lump sum and no other support. Stress and tricky processes led to a negative experience and projects slowing down.

●     Fielding questions and managing moves was a huge drain on HR resources, costing hundreds of hours - on average one week’s work per 10 employees!

The PerchPeek solution

Framestore chose PerchPeek’s Pioneer Perchy package, offering:

●     Access to dedicated relocation consultants via PerchPeek app

●     Full guidance on home-finding in the relevant market

●     Information on all other services, e.g. banking, shipping

From just £599 per employee

Setting employees up for success

●     The Pioneer Perchy package means all employees receive core support. Everyone’s fairly treated, regardless of seniority, and no one’s out of pocket.

●     Re-allocating a small portion of the original (<£5k) budget has cost no more than before - in fact, Framestore have broken even!

●     It’s saved hundreds of hours in HR time, greatly reduced stress for all parties, and project deadlines are no longer at risk.

Framestore’s thoughts on PerchPeek

Don’t just take our word for it - here’s what Framestore had to say:

“PerchPeek has been an absolute game-changer for Framestore. Their app is exactly what our more tech-savvy populations need when it comes to relocations.

Where we used to be unable to provide significant relocation support to our employees, we can now provide a complete end-to-end relocation solution for a fraction of the cost of traditional relocation providers, and our employees love it!”

- Global Director, Recruitment & Outreach - Framestore

Full case study

For more about how PerchPeek transformed Framestore’s relocation policy and made comprehensive support available to all employees, check out our case study here!

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