COVID-19 & Global Mobility

Due to the nature of the Global Mobility industry, the impact of COVID-19 was always going to see a rapid fall in volume, with relocations being frozen. In light of this, it is worth remembering that the biggest focus we should have is about the health and safety of everyone.Although we do not have all the answers, we have put together some things to think about for all of us in Global Mobility;

  • Ensure you have full visibility of your Global Mobility population; where are they? Do you have up to date contact details? Do they have the appropriate work equipment to self-isolate?
  • Reach out to your expats to ensure they are safe and continue to check in with them - make it clear their employer cares about them
  • One vitally important aspect of your expats health is their mental wellbeing. We are all facing a big change to our usual routines but facing isolation in a new country, with your support network back home is even more tough. Try to connect with your expats via video conferencing to help subside feelings of loneliness
  • Remind your population to register at their local home country embassy. They need to ensure they are accounted for and receive any key updates
  • There will be some expats in temporary accommodation who will need clear instructions on what to do next. Will their home find be put on hold? Do you need to extend their stay? Is their temporary apartment still available past their current move out date? Look to address these questions proactively
  • For any recently or soon to be repatriated expats, ensure they follow the government guidelines on self-isolating
  • Proactively anticipate a surge in volume once the world goes back to normal; what relocations were put on hold; can your supply chain manage a spike in volume; what is your teams holiday calendar looking like to ensure coverage?

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