All the time!? The secret behind Perchpeek's 24/7 support

First class service leads to first class reviews - here's how your choice of DSP partner can lead to the happiest clients!

In the relocation world, customer service may be the most important factor in determining a company's success.

Great reviews lead to more movers, referrals and better opportunities for future clients. Bad performances on the other hand, can not only lead to losing your own client, but they will also rob you of your champions in future conversations of potential new clients.

Even at the best of times, the moving home experience is among the most stressful that a person or family can go through. They are entering a brand-new location, possibly a new culture, a new work-environment, and during the planning stages they are still maintaining their current day-job.

As a result, it is essential that your DSP partners mirror your own efforts in delivering exceptional customer service. Home-movers need top-quality support available to them every step of the way, beginning to end and every moment in between.

The phrase "24/7" is thrown around a lot in the global mobility world, but how many providers actually go the extra mile to ensure this is a reality? It's wonderful in principle but in practice, but not always delivered on.

An answer machine, an email address or a support call to a completely unqualified person who's manning the phones, often mean a customer query won't be properly received (let alone responded to) until 9 AM the next day, or the following Monday morning.

This does not constitute real 24/7 service, despite the label.

The issue with an email inbox or just a support line is that in reality there is only one person from the provider's side who is properly aware of the details of each mover, and that person can’t be available every second of the day.

Outside of that person's working hours there is a real lag in response and resolution to a client’s needs.

Fortunately at Perchpeek we have found a solution to this conundrum. We have done this by replacing this one-to-one communication link between client and provider with a one-to-many model.

Within the Perchpeek support thread, a person is not talking only to one relocation expert but all our location experts simultaneously.

As a result, even if our main representative is away from the desk, asleep or on holiday, the remaining team is still completely aware of every piece of communication, every requirement and all previous advice given by our specialists. One Perchpeek expert can therefore always pick up right where another has left off, and make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

The result is that we have a truly 24/7 service and a client can be answered and supported whether it is midnight, a bank holiday or in the middle of a person's summer vacation.

Our reviews reflect this level of service. When we ask Perchpeek clients why they love us ever so much, it's the communication factor that so often comes to the forefront of their responses.

"I would like to recommend them blindly to anyone who wishes or needs to relocate, because you will get an incredible professional group who will always support you in every step of the way. And even when you're already settled, they're 24/7 available for you in case of anything, which is something so so valuable when you're new in a place!" - Vanessa, Venezuela to UK.

"Even though my local agent had an emergency, the global team kept in touch continuously to make sure everything was going smoothly." Aishwara - domestic move to Sydney

Very pleased with the service! Perchpeek makes the process of house hunting a real pleasure. I have been in contact with Rhiannon, which felt like she was available to answer any kind of questions for us 24/7. - Cristian, Netherlands

Check out more reviews at Trustpilot.

Our 4.8/5 score on Trustpilot reflects a partner who really will get the highest scores for their RMC partners. Our technology also means we’re a lot cheaper than other options, so more clients opt-in to using a DSP when we’re available, as it’s within their budget. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Can you use us?

If you want to ensure this 24/7, exceptional support for your next client, then when you choose their DSP make sure you consider a company that will work as hard as you do to make sure every client is a success.

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