Services to suit any move

Services to suit any move

Every relocation is different.

Our relocation specialists provide tailored support to every mover, depending on their specific requirements.

Whatever they need, whenever they need it.

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The A to Z of relocation. When you need it.

PerchPeek offers tailored support across each stage of the relocation. Choose what your company needs.



Upon arrival




Settling in


End of assignment



Before employees even leave...

  • Advisory call

  • Car rental

  • Education assistance

  • Airport transfers

    We’ll arrange transportation for when employees arrive at their new destination. We’ll advise on a range of options.

  • Temporary accommodation

    Helping find and book trusted temporary accommodation options for employees.

  • Shipping

  • Area tours

    Helping employees discover their new city and choose suitable neighborhoods, whether in-person or virtually.

  • Pet relocation

Upon arrival

For when employees arrive at their destination...

  • Local registration

  • Mobile phone

  • Cultural integration

  • Banking

  • Health insurance

  • Language learning


To secure the perfect property...

  • Area recommendations

  • Property visits

  • Property applications

  • Contract review

  • Rental documents

  • Virtual tours

  • Agency and landlord checks

Settling in

For when it's time to move in...

  • Check-in

  • Furniture rental

  • Utilities

  • Home insurance

  • Driving license

  • Car registration

End of assignment

For when it's time to move on...

  • Check-out

  • End of tenancy cleaning

    Our vetted partners will provide a high level of cleaning, ensuring peace of mind when returning a property to the landlord.

  • Airport transfers

  • De-registration

    Depending on the location, employees may need to de-register with the local authorities. We’ll guide them through this process.

  • Shipping

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