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Services to suit any move

Our goal is to provide incredible, stress-free relocations to all of your employees.

From planning their move timeline to getting settled into their new home, this is how our typical process works.

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Decide the level of support your company needs

A solution for every employee; from intern to CEO

From blow-out budgets for CEOs to simple support for interns,
all you have to do is decide the level of support per employee
and we'll look after the rest.

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Fast and flexible initiations

A natural fit in your vendor ecosystem

Our super-simple initiation process takes just a few seconds and can be kicked off directly or via your RMC, immigration partner or Employer of Record.

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Onboarding onto the PerchPeek app

Get going, wherever and whenever

Employees can research, organise & receive support for their relocation all within PerchPeek from as soon as they're set up. Say goodbye to long email chains and web links - we've brought it all into one place.

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Advisory call with our team members

Personalized guidance from experts

Relocating can be overwhelming. Advisory calls allow our specialists to provide advice, manage expectations and establish the upcoming timeline.

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Expert support from relocation specialists

Supporting employees so that you don’t have to

Relocation is one of the biggest moments of people's lives. As such, everyone has a relocation specialist and our 24/7 support squad available to them to proactively guide them through every step of their move.

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We had so much difficulty trying to find an apartment in Amsterdam- luckily a friend suggested PerchPeek to us. Transformational! Excellent knowledge of the local market and practices. Super advice, tireless communication and follow up. I can’t thank PerchPeek and In particular Rhiannon enough!!

The service provided by PerchPeek for my relocation within Germany in 2021 was flawless.. The courtesy and professionalism of my agent (Heidi Phelan) are the reasons I strongly recommend this service to anyone looking for an effective and frustration-free relocation.

They were in constant communication and overall really helped ease the transition for me while making a big decision like moving. I would highly recommend and overall PerchPeek is a 10/10. Outstanding people, outstanding service, and quality.


Entire relocations - in one app...

Depending on their package, our trained and qualified team of experts can help employees at every step...

Working with


Our service begins before the employee has left their home country

Depending on the employee’s relocation package, we can support with a range of services - from short-term stays to shipping.

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Upon Arrival

Some of the most important things we can support with occur when the mover touches down in their destination.

Our local experts can work with employees to set up banking appointments, register with the authorities or purchase a new mobile phone plan.

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The all-important home-finding service; making sure your relocators are happily housed!

PerchPeek goes beyond just organizing visits; we support the mover with compiling their documents, checking their rental contracts, verifying agencies & landlords, and guiding them through their check-in!

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Settling in

Once the home-finding aspect is successfully completed, we work with employees to smooth their integration into a new homes and societies.

Depending on their needs, we’ll ensure they settle into their new life without issue!

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Sadly, most assignments have to end at some point.

We’re here to support employees with this new phase, whether it’s helping them to relocate once more or ensuring they complete all the tasks they need to before leaving.


Responsive employee reporting

Keep tabs on all of your relocators

Our centralized operational system enables us to provide near-instant updates on where employees are in their relocation journey.

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